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  • and grace in defeat.
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    Saint Benedict
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    Continuing Delbarton's tradition of excellence requires solid support from thousands of parents, alumni, and friends every year.
  • Our Mission


    Mission Statement

    We Believe…

    • That God works with us and through us.
    • That God invites us into a deeper relationship with Him.
    • That God calls us into this community.
    • That through community, character and integrity are forged.
    • In moving away from self toward others.
    • In using our gifts and talents in the service of others.
    • In the importance of conversation as a means to growth.
    • In the power of love to help us realize our God-given potential.
    • In the importance of seeking truth, beauty, and goodness.
    • In a community where all members are respected and where we celebrate the accomplishments of one another.
    • In the strength of Brotherhood.
    • In Succisa Virescit: “Once cut down, one will grow back stronger.”
    • That here, we belong.





    A Report of the Visiting Team for Accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools